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SysQuick Computers and Support is a locally owned and operated computer repair and service center in Baltimore, MD.

Commercial Services

Repairs, Sales, Troubleshooting, Maintenance, Cabling, Remote/Phone Support, Security Cameras, Servers, Printers, Hardware/Software Sales…

Residential Services

Virus Removal, Troubleshooting, Computer Setup, Sales, Internet Configuration, Printer Installation, Cabling, Software Installation and More…

In-Shop Services

Computer Repair, Virus Removal, Sales, Hardware Diagnostics & Upgrades, Troubleshooting, Parts Replacement, Software Installation, Custom Builds…

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

5 Stars for SysQuick!

T. Ray

Baltimore, MD

Great service great people thank you i recommend to everyone who needs a system repair.

C. Dunkin

Baltimore, MD

Excellent Service – I took my computer in which was having a number of problems, the main being that it would continuously crash. It turned out to be a bad ROM as well as a bad video card. After replacing the video card, the PC seemed to be working fine. Until a week later it continued to crash. Bill had me bring the PC back in and found the issue with the ROM. SysQuick didn’t charge me for the 2nd trip despite being a number of issues. Bill made me feel comfortable that they were going to do whatever it took to fix the PC. Just an honest company which is hard to find these days.

M. Bowling

Baltimore, MD

Thanks….again… – Thank you for your continued support Bill, once again you have got my company out of trouble with these blessed viruses. Glad you could back up my data successfully. Think everything is there apart from a few folders that I didn’t tell you about (not your fault) but I have them on a memory stick somewhere. Keep up the good work, much appreciated for all your help.

L. Hanover

Baltimore, MD


We are an auto repair shop and were in dire need of some cable routing from our office trailer to our shop, etc, etc. Called SysQuick and Bill came down the next day, told us what we needed, gave us prices per item (which were great!). Our invoice was detailed, work was done quickly, and skillfully.

Bottom line: Great Company worth referring anyone and everyone to.


Baltimore, MD


Baltimore, MD


Baltimore, MD

GREAT everything! From the customer service over the phone to the in store service. Dropped off my (Xbox) 360 on a Wed and was done the very next day. Even stayed after closing for me to get there since I was stuck in traffic. I suggest everyone to use SysQuick for repairing needs.

Q. Goods

Hello, I needed my system fixed. Great place to get your video game console repaired and with in a decent time period Also it went by smoothly. First time beeing there so it was a great first meeting the people that worked there great service.

E. Brown

Baltimore, MD

Highly recommended! – The guys at sysquick really know what they are doing. They’re fast efficient and a very good value for the money. I will definitely be making recommendations to my friends and family in the future. Thanks again


Baltimore, MD

Baltimores Best Computer Service Center! – I took my laptop in because it was making a funny noise and wouldnt start properly. Within a few days sysquick called explaining the problem and they were able to extract my data and repair my laptop. I will always recommend sysquick because they care about their customers and were very fair with their prices.‎ My 4 year old asked me when we will go back because tammy offered her some animal stickers and she had a great time coloring a picture of elmo – very kid friendly place. Thanks guys!


Baltimore, MD


My Dell laptop screen decided to give up the ghost about two weeks before my internship project report was due and since my machine was out of warranty, I was looking at $300 and a six week waiting period to get a new one through the manufacturer. The staff at SysQuick were incredibly helpful and friendly (considering I was a jittery, panicky mess by the time I went in to see if they could help). They identified the problem immediately, quoted me $250 on the spot and ordered the part…. installed it the next week and I was on my way!


Baltimore, MD


Towson, MD

I’ve been going here since they opened. I can’t imagine taking my devices anywhere else to have them repaired. I highly recommend this company to anyone that needs work done.

A. Robinson

Parkville, MD

I needed a cheap laptop to hold me over while my usual laptop was temporarily out of commission. I called and was told they had a few old machines for $50. When I got there, they had exactly what I wanted, and they took the time to make sure the open source software I needed would load on the machine I chose. They were really friendly and helpful. They also had a giant bowl of chocolate candy on the counter. Yum.

J. Gold

Essex, MD

Thank you for saving Christmas!! – Excellent virus removal service after I dropped off my laptop that was intended to be a gift for my daughter this Christmas. My wife accidentally opened an email she shouldn’t have and within an hour the laptop was infected, no internet access and she could do nothing on the desktop. I quickly took it to the shop and the owner, Bill, quickly did his magic and successfully deleted the virus manually. He then advised me on how to maintain the laptop on a weekly basis and installed the latest antivirus software and updates so it was secure. My daughter was able to enjoy her new laptop on Christmas and has no idea there were any infections. Sysquick has very thorough, quick and efficient service, would recommend to anyone!!!


Baltimore, MD

I highly recommend this company for any computer repair problems you may have. I found the service to be the most reasonable around. Bill the owner and his staff go the extra mile and you will appreciate there expertise and professionalism. A big Thanks to you Bill and Tammy and you will see me in the future for all of my computer needs even though I live 1 hour away from your shop. Take care and Good Luck!


Baltimore, MD


To describe myself as a customer, I would say I’m a nightmare: I don’t want to spend a lot of money, want the best service faster than possible and I think I know my computers (but I don’t really ;-). When my dell laptop started to have some very serious display and freezing problems, I took it to SysQuick thinking: omg, it’s going to take so long and it’s going to cost me a fortune to fix it. First I was extremly impressed by the speed at which Bill took care of my problem. I dropped the laptop late in the afternoon and 24 hrs later I had a diagnostic (dying graphic card) after they thouroughly checked the laptop. Instead of trying to get me to repair it or replace it (my laptop was quite old) they showed me how to bypass the graphic card’s setings to get the lowest resolution possible which alowed me to use the laptop a bit longer. And that was free! A week later I was given an old server to be rebuilt as a desktop and they got it up and running to replace my dying laptop – with a reasonable fee of course though!


Baltimore, MD

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are your in-shop fees?

We charge $99 + parts for all repairs except data recovery. A $99 pre-payment is required when dropping off your equipment. We offer discounts if you bring in multiple devices to get repaired. This includes virus removal, new hardware or software installation, system back and reload, etc…

Before we replace any parts, we will call you with pricing to get your approval before moving forward.

What warranty do I receive on my repair(s)?

The warranty depends on what service we have performed on your device.

Hardware – if it is a new part that we use to replace a broken or damaged one then a typical warranty is 1 year. If it is a used part then it can be between 30-90 days depending on our distributor.

Software – We cannot warranty software that we install. Make sure that the software you provide us with is compatibly with your system. If we help you purchase software, we always look up the requirements before installation.

Virus Removal – We will thoroughly go through your computer to remove all infections we can find. If we happen to miss something then please call us and we will take care of it within 14 days. If your computer is reinfected due to user error or by downloading malicious software then you will be charged our service fee again to have the infections removed. ALWAYS backup your data!

What are your on-site fees for my home or business?

We have a minimum on-site charge of $149 for up to 2 hrs of service at your location (commercial or residential). After that we charge $75/hr.

Many clients will make a short list of what they need us to do when we come out so we can best use our time to help our customers.

Do you sell computers and other equipment?

Yes, we sell new, used and refurbished equipment. We are not a store but usually have refurbished laptops and desktops at our shop for sale as well as LCD monitors and other parts.

We can order a variety of new or used equipment from our distributors. Please let us know what you need and we can put together an estimate. This can be for computers, monitors, printers, servers, networking equipment, phones, etc….

We can also build out a new office location or upgrade an existing one, setup a home office, computer lab, learning center or anything else you may need.

What do you charge for data recovery?

We have a $50 diagnostics fee for checking your hard drive, flash drive or other media.

If the media is not physically damaged (clicking, chirping or grinding) and we are able to recover your data in our shop then the recovery will not exceed $250 (including diagnostics fee). We will require something to copy your recovered data onto once completed. We can provide a flash drive or external hard drive for an additional cost. The media we transfer the recovered data to will depend on the amount of data we recover.

If we are NOT successful and discover the media is physically damaged or beyond our capabilities then we have partners outside of Baltimore that we can send your media to for further recovery services. These fees start at $850 and can go as high as $2500-3000 depending on how bad the media is damaged and how long it will take to recover.

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